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Thursday 8 April 2010

Seasons Greetings Revisited

Exactly two years ago I posted a photo entitled "Seasons Greetings" and while it may sound harsh of me I've staked the place out ever since to try to get a photo of the illuminations at work.   Despite the lights having been permanently in position all that time, they've failed to make an appearance in the two intervening Christmas Holiday Seasons and at every other festive occasion as far as I can tell.  I never gave up on them though, and just a few nights ago was rewarded with the faintest glimmer of joy from one of the stars.

If you look very very carefully, perhaps with a magnifying glass, you will see half a dozen lights struggling for life in the bottom of the star.   Thank goodness the Fish Market Produce is much more reliable than its festive decoration!

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Lois said...

Your patience has paid off!

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