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Thursday, 26 March 2009


The foxtail palm, Woodyetia bifurcata is a native to the World Heritage listed rainforest in Cape Melville in far north Queensland. For many years there was a huge black market in seeds smuggled out of the forest, and it was illegal to actually possess them.

Despite that, the palm is very hardy and fast growing and now appears in large numbers with a plentiful supply of seed. It's a particularly pleasant "self cleaning" tree, with leaves in the characteristic "fox tail" that gives it its common name.

Sunshine Coast Daily Photo - Australia


Lowell said...

First of all, the photo is wonderful! Colorful and sharp as a tack!

Secondly, the tree is new to me - I don't think we have these in Florida. I like the "clean" part!

Virginia said...

Never seen one of these but I think I could use it to dust!

MmeBenaut said...

Have enjoyed the last few posts Peter. Just catching up after a busy week. Take a peek and see why it was so busy. :)

Babzy.B said...

they are beautiful ! what a blue sky here it's so grey:(

Lois said...

I've seen a lot of palm trees, but never any like these! They are very pretty and I'm with Jacob--I like the 'clean' part!

Arija said...

That is a great skywatch shot. Beautiful colours.

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