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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Cutting down the noise with glitter.

When the bridge touches down on the south bank, it does so beside some residential buildings.

The glass panels are there to deflect the road noise apparently, and perhaps to let the drivers have a sneak peek into someone's bathroom.   OK I'm only kidding about the bathroom, but the whole thing has a certain melancholy to it in a design, as though someone was trying really hard to do something wonderful, but they weren't hired until after the "important" decisions (like getting those economical bridge beams from a catalogue) were out of the way.    I can almost hear the slashing of the budget each time some grand new idea was tabled.

There is an expression that probably sums up the design brief I think ;
"You can't polish a turd, so how about we roll it in a bit of glitter."

Still, it's a lot better than it might have been!


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William Kendall said...

The beams have the feel of teeth to them.

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