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Thursday, 23 December 2010

Almost there!

I suspect the difficulty of my task is starting to show. I think I live in one of the least involved communities in the world when it comes to outward displays of the festive mood.

It may be that the weather has been a huge dampener, or it may be that for reasons I cannot fathom the Global Financial Crisis is starting to bite, but it's not just the night before Christmas when not a creature stirs, it's been the last week or so!

Even in the Plaza today, the decorations seems uncharacteristically austere, and the music (thankfully) did not feature one jingle of sleigh bells or reference to Christmas, white or otherwise.

Strange times indeed!

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1 comment

Annie said...

well, you found some nice, unobtrusive ones for today's shot. I like them.

Have found the same thing in my travels...not so much music and hoopla for Christmas. Hooray.

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