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Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Motorway Bridge
With Apologies to Jeffrey Smart 2 of 4

This little bridge crosses four lanes of motorway. All of the other similar bridges are simple utilitarian structures of concrete and steel. I'm all for public art, but does bunging up some green mesh, and lighting it create a beautiful environment?

I think not.

I rather enjoy the changing of the coloured reflections of the traffic lights in the concrete crash barriers more!

There is none the less, something quite surreal about this bridge.

Sunshine Coast Daily Photo - Australia


Julie said...

There are some good examples in Melbourne of expressway overpasses (aka bridges) that are essentially public art.

I like this idea ... keen to see the next two.

Lowell said...

I really don't know what to say about this. I don't find it especially attractive, although I like the colors, but also think it could be a distraction for drivers crossing the bridge?

Annie said...

I love that drive into Melbourne from the airport with all the "art" to break the drive. Seems like the Sunshine Coast is taking note too!

kaety said...

I love your composition. I was at the Sunshine Coast this week and couldnt help but notice this bridge just after seeing your shots. I don't think you need to apologise to Jeffrey Smart, it is an 'omage!

Lovely composition - and timing to get the light...


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