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Sunday, 29 March 2009


It's been a big month for architecture! Many of our buildings, even the large commercial ones, have roof guttering exposed, so that in extreme rainfall conditions they can overflow without causing damage to building interiors.

Sunshine Coast Daily Photo - Australia


Lowell said...

That's a great photo of one heck of a great idea...my gutters are all bent out of shape and clogged with leaves and debris!

Julie said...

This is composed of glorious shapes, Peter. I love the "hooks" for the gutter and the twirls for the downpipe. If the building is some form of colourbond, what is the gutter-assemblage? Not CI surely but some form of aluminium, maybe?

Shantaram said...

Many congratulations on the anniversary! I know I've been late getting here, but it is wonderful to know that you've been keeping a record of your city since the day it was born - that's not something too many people can say!!

Here's wishing you many, many more years of capturing the history of your city!


Greg Dimitriadis said...

Very nice photo!

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