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Monday, 30 March 2009

Going Fishing

Off for a day fishing. The tide is so high that he had to crouch down going under the bridge, (or take his hat off, and that would never do!)

Sunshine Coast Daily Photo - Australia


Frances said...

I hope he remembered his block-out and sunnies.

Babzy.B said...

Nice hat for sure !

Julie said...

He looks like a well built youngster.

Anonymous said...

hes a cuutieeee, look at his gunss!

Anonymous said...

thats me!
thought someone was taking a picture of me hahahahaha
wasnt sure why
must have been my quality hat(Y)

bitingmidge said...

Fantastic! What are the odds of you busting me like that??

It was the day of the super king tide, and I was trying to get a shot of you doing the limbo under the bridge... it didn't work, but this was OK!

Anonymous said...

yea haha pretty weird finding that pic of me there
if there was any other pics that you got of us that day do you mind sending them to me?
cos my mate was crrushed that he didnt make the photo haha

bitingmidge said...

I'm more than happy to send them to you, click on this link to my homepage and then the "email me" button to send me a message with your contact details!


Anonymous said...

sorry for the long reply still anychance of me getting those photos sent?
been a bit busy kinda forgot had a big year haha

bitingmidge said...

Happy to send them, but you haven't told me where yet!



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