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Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Book Shop Wall

Everything old is new again.

Well actually it's still old, but in a new situation. The new book shop wall of re-used timber has just a lovely subtle texture and patina without being overtly "aged", but is it really reclaimed timber, or new work artificially aged?

I really, was torn as to whether I would post this photo, after all, it's just seven horizontal lines of nothing. Let's see if it raises as much controversy as say, a Jackson Pollock painting!



USelaine said...

Oh, I like photos like this. Yes, it is like abstract art, but to me that's the appeal, I guess. I take pictrues of walls for my blog all the time.

Those are certainly unusual colors to combine, and I agree that the texture is just right.

MmeBenaut said...

I think it is old timber. But it's quite hard to tell.
As far as photos go, I like it Peter. Makes one focus on the texture of the wood.

M.Benaut said...

I thought long and hard about it.
Timber always has such warmth. It's so nice to work with and to enjoy the way others use it.
But when I saw 'Eumundi', it took on a whole new meaning. The town added the 4th dimension. Wonderful town, especially early in the morning at the market. Is it Saturday or Sunday ? Matters not, when in Qld.

I can now smell the wood; that's the 5th dimension ! Great shot, which means different things to different people

bitingmidge said...

Thanks All! I feel sort of vindicated, although I won't do it again soon!

The Markets at Eumundi are on Saturdays (and Wednesdays as well) and as you say, are a fun outing!



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