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Thursday, 24 July 2008

Last Light

The sun has long departed, the lights are on, it's quite cool, yet some holiday makers still persist in staying in the water as a lone ski paddler calls it a day after training.

The first point is Alexandra Headland, and if you look carefully, the lighthouse can be seen on Pt Cartwright to the left.

Alexandra Headland


Hilda said...

This is the time of day that I'd like to be sitting out there. No people, just the sun setting and the sound of the surf, the lights going on in the city looking like fireflies. Lovely and peaceful. Thank you.

freefalling said...

Sad to hear about the tragic incident in your waters last night.

bitingmidge said...

Yes, freefalling, it's a very sad and strange time.

That's three ships aground in two months. Again professional fishermen although this time the conditions were tough.

Jane Hards Photography said...

That rich deep blue is so gorgeous Beautiful relaxing image.

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