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Monday, 28 July 2008

Rescue Board

Viewed from half way up the stairs on first point, hence the leafy foreground, a young lifesaver catches a wave on a rescue board. These aren't surfboards for standing on, note the hand grips along the sides, and they have substantially more bouyancy to hold up the weight of any additional "passenger'.

First Point


Kim said...

That water looks so inviting! But the fact that it's a lifegard in the surf doesn't portend to happy things. It's our summer here, so fun to see your winter surf and sun.
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Jilly said...

Lovely shot with the shadows from the leaves. Very interesting to see this type of surfboard. Those lifesavers must be really well-trained to be able to handle a passenger.

Thanks for your response on the Forum. I've replied to it.

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