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Friday, 11 July 2008

Had any bites?

A bloke fishing from his dinghy and taking his chances with the winter sun. Even at this time of the year, the UV rating is extreme, and he'll be pink and very sorry for himself if he doesn't put a shirt on within half an hour or so.

With a risk of Skin Cancer, even on the beaches, fewer and fewer of us are sporting a tan, in favour of a healthy pale complexion!

Noosa River


Knoxville Girl said...

I hope he has some high quality sunscreen, or he'll look like a tomato the next day.
Thanks for visiting my blog yesterday; the fellow who owns the pub I mentioned in my post is actually from London. No mystery then to know why the beer is so good there.

MmeBenaut said...

We're looking decidedly pale down here at the moment! Oh for some sunshine coast sun. I'd be out there in a flash, with nary a shirt on. I know, I know, but old habits die hard, as sun-deprived as we are down south, I think we're at a lower risk anyway. Fortunately for me, my 10 year old nephew who lives close to you, doesn't read this blog. His covered like all little sunshine coast tackers are, as his mother is sun smart!

Jane Hards Photography said...

How blue is that sea. Don't know about the fishing, but I could stare at that all day. Mine's jsut dingy at the moment.

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