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Saturday, 19 July 2008


This time of year the beaches are full of people from southern states who don't understand that it's too cold to be lying around with almost nothing on!

Main Beach


Sally said...

LOL. Maybe they're just another knd of "pilgrim" - worshipping the cult of the sun god instead of another sect from Rome.
Today, Death Takes A Holiday at Sydney Daily Photo

M.Benaut said...

Sally's dead right of course, but yep, they would definitely be Victorians.
You can spot 'em a mile away. At least Noosa beats swimming in a 'pule' any day !!!
She'll probably be sitting on the 'belcony' with 'Melcolm' later on.
How lucky are you guys with your climate ?
I guess the water would be a freezing 23° today.

MmeBenaut said...

So what was the temperature? A nice 27 degrees? We had sun here today and it's been so long since we've seen it that we were hot - but then again, we were in rubber boots, thick pants and woolly jumpers!
I do so envy the sunshine coasters during the winter. You are sooooo lucky!
Have caught up on the previous days' photos - they are great Peter. I was out of the loop for a couple of days due to ethernet problems but I've just done my 100th post!

freefalling said...

Awww - shuddup! It's cold down here!

I used to make fun of "The Victorians" until I became one!

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