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Thursday 26 November 2015

The passing of the breeze-way..

Sometimes I wonder how some things became synonymous with beach side living.   I "get" the concrete "breeze blocks" and the outdoor space which now would be called a patio or a deck,  but which back then was ever so much more descriptively a "breeze-way".  What a lovely term.  Let's do what we can to bring it back into common use!

What I don't get is the array of clam and bailer shells, well weathered and no doubt souvenired from a reef barely five or eight hundred kilometres from here, definitely not locally sourced.   I'm not suggesting anything illicit.  That was "what was done"  in the sixties, a time when the world would never run out of anything.

They were quite a common artefact back then, declaring in the way that signs made in China which proclaim things like "gone fishing" do today, that this house is at the beach.


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William Kendall said...

I guess it's frowned upon today to collect them.

bitingmidge said...

"Frowned upon" is one way of putting it! Totally prohibited would be another. The clams in particular are a somewhat endangered beast.

Having said that, we do have some examples of shells and bones (legally) collected in our travels - all devoid of living creatures when found though!

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