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Tuesday 24 November 2015

Bike Hooks.

We don't actually get out a lot these days, but this was a rare moment between house and plant nursery.

The cafe is in Woombye (search this blog) and is notable among other things as it is one of, if not the only business in town that doesn't have the word "Woombye" in the business name.

It's the hooks that took my eye, (as well as the splendid coffee and perhaps even marginally more splendid genuine French lemon meringue tarts) - they are there to hang your bicycle out of the way of others.  No doubt they'd be particularly useful on that odd occasion when you are having trouble with the car and are in desperate need of a coffee or perhaps lunch.

It did occur to me that they would also serve as a convenient place to store unruly children in the unlikely event that one's quiet enjoyment of  the surrounds be put at risk of disruption.

Hugga Mug Cafe

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William Kendall said...

I've never seen hooks like that here. The food inside would tempt me.

There's a shop here that specializes in pies- they have a sign in the window saying misbehaving children will be given an espresso and a puppy.

FotoMarg said...

Are you sure the tarts are French? There's a long tradition of making delicious lemon meringue tarts in Queensland. Every housewife can make them.

bitingmidge said...

Yes FotoMarg, the tarts are produced by a retired French Pastry Chef! And yes, when I'm not in France, I do try to find a Lemon Meringue that tastes like the ones from my mum's CWA cookbook!

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