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Sunday, 26 January 2014

Road Signs - Australia Day

No, it's not a porcupine, it's an Echidna or spiny ant eater, and yes we do see them quite often trundling across the road.

This sign has a lovely graffiti touch to it, with the wobbly eye stuck on, and it has the merest hint of what was once a common sight - the impact of some sort of missile perhaps from a slingshot on the image itself.

Once, when guns were more easily available, many if not most road signs such as this were used as targets, often with the image of the animal so littered with the dents of bullets that it was obscured entirely.   It wasn't just the animal images though, if there was an "O" in a sign, it would be targeted as well.

Happy Australia Day!  (If that is an appropriate greeting, and I'm sure it isn't!)

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RedPat said...

I love this sign - what a cute little guy!
Happy Australia Day

Merisi said...

Hope you had a wonderful Australia Day!

That is so cute, somebody actually adding a wobbly eye! I'd love to know the individual behind it. Is he traveling the country, the pick-up filled filled bags of wobbly eye? How much of the country has he already covered? How's he going about? ;-)

Of course, entirely possible it is a female wobble-eye-artist or just a kid with a mischievious sense of humour who liked to put a smile on everyday things and passersby.

Merisi said...

Ah, for clicking on publishing before editing! Sorry.

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