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Saturday 4 January 2014

Beach Report for Annie

The temperature almost made it to 40, and the people were innumerable!

Sadly for many, the northerly breeze also brought strong rips and a nasty chop which flattened out whatever swell there was.  The majority didn't care though, they were at the caravan park packing up and leaving at the end of their holiday.

Today was change over day!

Moffat Beach

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Merisi said...

I looked at your picture and then closed my eyes, trying to transport myself into summer, away from the cold, grey, and stormy day outside my window.

Stefan Jansson said...

Gray skies and 3C in Haninge, so this is a nice scene to look at.

Annie said...

Many thanks for the beach report!

I am just amazed that it can actually get to 40 up at the beach! Way too hot for me.

Nice to know that a few people will be going home. It might be safe to venture out with the grandchildren to the beach again...if it isn't too hot!

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