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Monday 30 December 2013

The Beach House

You can tell it's a Beach House by the way the Christmas lights are stuck on the verandah with sticky tape, the  fishing rods every which way across the yard, furniture that is a miss-mash of mostly plastic throw-aways, washing on the fence and railings, and a game of cricket that goes on all day and over the fence is "six and out".

Moffat Beach.

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Annie said...

yes, an Aussie summer at the beach...I remember it well.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Happy new year! How was Christmas. It was wet and cold enough to need a fire here but nice and warm again now.

Merisi said...

Lovely scene, full of details and movement, love it!
(And it has an added bonus, making me dream away for a moment or two, from a grey, cold day!)

Happy New Year, I am looking forward to what you will capture in 2014!

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