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Saturday, 21 December 2013

Looking for Santa

Sometimes the absurdity of scanning the sky watching for a bloke in red wooly underwear flying along behind a bunch of reindeer gets to me.

I know Santa doesn't come in the daylight, but if he did, wouldn't he be even the slightest bit tempted to stop at Dicky Beach for a bit of a dip on the way through?

Dicky Beach

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Stefan Jansson said...

He will see a lot of beaches during his ride, I wonder if he has a top ten list?

Annie said...

surely it would be tempting, especially if he were wearing that red woolly underwear still...hopefully he'll change into those nice colorful board shorts for his trip down under...

my grandson and I were just discussing very recently how long it has been for us since we went to Dicky Beach..one of our favorite spots.. ;-(

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