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Friday 21 August 2009

They're coming back!

A few months ago we visited the vast seabird breeding colonies in central Australia. Slowly the birds are reappearing, wandering around casually and pretending that they never left.

Cotton Tree

Sunshine Coast Daily Photo - Australia

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Mirela said...

Cute! :-D

cara said...

Really graceful bird - and shot

Lois said...

An absolutely gorgeous bird!

Lowell said...

That's a bit different from our brown pelicans. A few years ago, they were almost all gone...DDT evidently got in their food chain and killed their ability to reproduce.

Since the chemical was banned, they have made a big comeback and we're delighted to see them in all the coastal areas!

Lovely photo. Thanks so much for visiting Ocala DP!

Gaelyn said...

Being on the road provides so many paths to follow. Enjoy as many as you can.

Liz Welch said...

Pelican photos are magnificent.Regards,
Liz Welch

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