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Sunday, 21 June 2009

Watching Brief

Surely it's just coincidence that the day after I publish a photo of a wedgetail eagle on my Postcards blog, I stumble across this Osprey, sitting quietly near ground level.

Perhaps I could become a raptor whisperer.


Sunshine Coast Daily Photo - Australia


va said...

you've captured it so well!

Julie said...

Absolutely gorgeous, Peter. I like the wind ruffling its chest feathers.

Would love to see the b-card of a "Raptor whisperer"!

Jilly said...

Oh how utterly fabulous. What a privilege to see a bird like this, not to mention photograph it so beautifully.

Babzy.B said...

Beautiful bird !

Annie said...

welcome home...what a great photo!

Gerald (SK14) said...

that is one fearsome looking bird

Baruch said...

Such a beautiful bird and so well captured. I once picked up a beautiful large wedgetail feather but sadly couldn't take it home with me. I gave it to my thrilled cousin who is a keen bird watcher

Amy said...

awww awsome bird, great picture!

DIEGO said...

thats a cool photo, i invited to visit my blog :


MmeBenaut said...

Wow! what an incredible photo Peter. This has to be one of your best.

todavia said...

"Raptor whisperer'"

I like that!

Awesome shot!

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