A Photo Every Day from the Sunshine Coast - Australia

Thursday, 11 June 2009


No matter how hard I look at this photo, it's the right corner.


Sunshine Coast Daily Photo - Australia


Alec said...

What do they say in Doctor Who? Turn left, not right, left!

Also, I ended-up linking to this haunting piccie of yours when discussing the colonization of human rubbish by marine life. If you don't wish me to do so, I'll take it down, but I do think it's absolutely perfect.

Lois said...

I am curious about those "magnetic pain relief appliances" they are advertising on that sign to the left. Very interesting!

bitingmidge said...

Thanks Alec, the link is welcome! When I return from my journeying, I'll follow through with you.

And Lois, they are very strong magnets, sewn into elastic straps. Quackery? Hmmm... they have their supporters!

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