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Friday 20 February 2009

Mt Coolum SkyWatch

In the first ten minutes after the sun goes down, the world glows an eerie blue that only the camera seems to see.

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Mt Coolum
viewed from Pt Cartwright

Sunshine Coast Daily Photo - Australia


Merisi said...

This is the most beautiful picture capturing what we call "The Blue Hour", I have never seen anything like this. Thank you for sharing it!

Guy D said...

Wow, great capture.

Have a great weekend!
Regina In Pictures

Jim said...

So Blue. Beautiful.

Jane Hards Photography said...

Rhapsody in blue today. Blue-tiful.


I have seen some "blue hours" in my time - but this is one of the most stunning I have seen! This is just wonderful!

Vanessa Bates said...

that is a beautiful photo!

Michele said...

I'm a HUGE fan of blues and this photo is amazing.. I love that blue!!

Mountain Retreat

Lowell said...

When the blue of the sky meets the blue of the night...you got it right! And the twinkling lights. Terrific!

Walker said...


raf said...

It rings true what you say here, bitingmidge, but this eerie glow is truly remarkable! Wow!

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