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Friday, 24 October 2008

Boats on Mountain Creek

There are a few things about this shot that aren't at all typical. The rocky river bank is one. The rocks are an engineering device to stop the sand scouring away as the river goes under the bridge on which I am standing.

Notice that someone has put down a piece of old carpet to protect the bottom of their boat as they launch and retrieve it.

The boats themselves are a dying style, made of timber, and there would be no more than a handful still in active service.



MmeBenaut said...

Very unusual Peter and a lovely photo. The water looks very murky - lots of rain or not enough?

bitingmidge said...

Yes, after much rain! It's also just at the part where the creek turns from a sand bottom to a more soil-like matter!

Wayne said...

Great colour and it looks like you caught it at the right time of day.

test15sa said...

I really like pictures of old boats! Hope you don't mind if I add this one!

test15sa said...


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