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Wednesday 24 September 2008

We Won't Shop There

A few years ago in Maleny, many of the townsfolk rallied in an effort to prevent the building of a Supermarket.

The fight was long and bitter, but sadly for the antagonists, ultimately the development complied with the Town Plan and was approved. Many of the townsfolk have not forgotten, and cryptic signs like this abound, to the bemusement of strangers.

Visitors to the town could be mistaken for thinking that the craft shops they patronise, and which this vehicle is parked outside are the target of the campaign.

Perhaps it's time to rethink.



Janet said...

Yes, it's time to rethink! I wouldn't want to miss the arts and crafts.

Julie said...

They didn't want the Supermarket because it would impact on the small family-owned store? Was it that sort of argument?

If so, with the advent of the Supermarket, did the SFOS go out of business?

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