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Tuesday 23 September 2008


A Great Egret fishing while there is still light in the afternoon.

Maroochy River


Wayne said...

How impressive is that!

I've never seen a great egret. Are they found in the northern hemisphere too?

bitingmidge said...

We see a few of them, and yes, they are in the northern hemisphere.

Here's what I found "A large white heron, the Great Egret is found across much of the world, from southern Canada southward to Argentina, and in Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia."


magiceye said...

lovely portrait!

Joan Elizabeth said...

Another WOW shot.

Nathalie H.D. said...

What a fantastic photo. The colours are vibrant and the framing just perfect. I like the movement and the reflection in it too.

I'm sorry I can't come on a daily basis but visiting your blog is a delight every time. It just feels I'm on the sunshine coast again. The Esplanade shot is so typical!

b.c. said...

that's beautiful to see, love the shot!

Julie said...

Interesting how he is cut off at the knees - if egret had knees!

This is lovely with all the fingers of blue ...

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