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Monday 17 March 2008

A Neighbour

It may seem strange to kick off a photo blog notionally about a town with a couple of election posters and pelican, but they are just as important a part of where we live, typos and all, as the surf, the beaches and the coffee shops.

I am not sure how long it will take to convey a feeling for the fabric of the place, but initially I don't see too much point in replicating tourist postcards.

Think of it as a quilt in progress, come back often and enjoy the ride!

Photo taken at the Home of the Biting Midge, Mountain Creek.


Ben Nakagawa said...

Welcome to the community!
I'm from Nelson, New Zealand, look forward to seeing around sunshine coast through yiur view.

Happy blogging!

Uma por Dia said...

No postcards! LOL

bitingmidge said...


OK, maybe the odd postcard might accidentally slip in!



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