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Friday, 9 October 2015


We didn't get here too early, in fact we were just in time to see the winners cross the line and thought we'd see if we could find our nephew in the throng of competitors still torturing themselves.

Finding a single runner/cyclist among thousands on forty-five kilometres of track turned out to be too difficult, so we snapped a few photographs and went for a drive.

A week later, while processing these shots, he magically turned up in them!  That's him with the scruffy beard, on his final run leg, a mere ten kilometres to go.   The folk behind him are eleven kilometres behind him on the track, the cyclist... well he's got another kilometre to ride before he gets to run.

Well done all of them for finishing, or even just getting out in the sun!

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1 comment

William Kendall said...

That takes real dedication.

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