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Thursday, 20 March 2014

Queen of the Colonies

The "Queen of the Colonies" monument on Moffat Headland takes the form of a Pandanus tree and roots with the name of the ship carved on it.  While the tree has long gone, the concrete replica remains.  The plaque reads as follows:-
On the 8th April 1882 the ship Queen of the Colonies sailed into Moreton Bay.  A woman passenger had died and it was decided to take the body to Cape Moreton for burial.
While returning, a storm arose, the ship was lost to sight and the small boat was driven onto rocks below this spot.
The survivors were marooned for fourteen days living on shell fish and berries until rescued by a search party from Brisbane.
One of the sailors carved the name "Queen of the Colonies" on the pandanus tree. This led to their rescue.
This plaque was presented by the descendants of Captain Robert Cairncross.
Moffat Headland

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