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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Papa's Beach

 Today's City Daily Photo Blogs theme is "Your favourite part of town", and in a very self indulgent mood, I have to say those steps in the background have been my favourite spot on and off for quite a long time.

"Papa's Beach" is what Mr Four calls our place, and although his cousin Miss Lily can't yet talk, she probably calls it that as well.  The river runs clear, the beach sandy and clean and we think it is paradise.

 The stairs are where I've sat over the past decade and watched a thousand sunsets, half as many sunrises, consumed three times that many cups of coffee, photographed all manner of birds and animals coming to visit.  Often the water's ever changing moods were a foil to my own, and we'd sit and stare at each other, the river and I.

This month it comes to an end.  The house in which all three of our daughters were married, the one that gave birth to at least a dozen boats and has overseen the arrival of a quarter as many grandchildren will pass into the hands of others in a few short weeks.   It was bought you see, in a rash of Government impetuosity, a year ago when a faceless bureaucrat thought it would make a lovely place for a freeway, and although shortly after they thought it wouldn't, our new journey had already begun..

Their decision was irrevocable, our life had changed, we made plans for a future in a different place, and in a few short weeks from now we will be gone.

For those who have followed my daily blog, this story will be familiar.  Shortly, Papa's Beach will be little more than another Fading Memory but one never the less, for which we will always be grateful.

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Carola said...

Wonderful post. And very nice how you let us watch your changes in life.

Jilly said...

So, big changes afoot and I'm sure you will miss Papa's Beach and those steps. An unbelievable story that your house was to be turned into a freeway even if it isn't so now. Meanwhile, Peter I wish you and your wife every happiness in your new home in Dicky Beach and so look forward to more wonderful photographs from there.

Annie said...

Funny how these little things and special places come to mean a lot over the passing years. I do hope that your new place will gather as many happy memories for you all.

Have always enjoyed you photos from the Coast and look forward to many more.

Mark said...

A very touching post about memory and change. Good luck with your move.

Jim said...

Great post for theme day.

Anonymous said...

May time and life continue to treat you all kind.

Please have a good new month.

daily athens

Anonymous said...

got a little teary of that one Pete. Mand x

Nathalie said...

What a moving post - pun not intended, I only noticed when I wrote it.

So you're moving - I hope it isn't the end of your blog?

Joan Elizabeth said...

I'm feeling sad for the loss of Papa's beach. Lovely to see the photo of Lily.

Buck said...

A wonderful post. A tribute to time, memories and family. Bravo, and thank you for sharing Papa's beach.

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