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Friday, 11 September 2009

The Glasshouses
2 of 6 - Like the Glasshouses of Home

Glasshouse Mountains are a series of spectacular volcanic lava plugs rising dramatically from the coastal plain. They do not form a range, and this photograph captures approximately a quarter of them, the rest are in hiding!

The first European to see them was Captain James Cook.

In his Journal on 17 May 1770 he wrote: "..however, if any future navigator should be disposed to determine the question whether there is or is not a river in this place, which the wind would not permit us to do, the situation may be always found by three hills, which lie to the northward of it, in the latitude of twenty six degrees fifty three minutes. These hills lie but a little way inland, and not far from each other: they are remarkable for the singular form of their elevation, which very much resembles a glass house, and for this reason I called them the Glass Houses: the northern most of the three is the highest and largest; there are several other peaked hills inland to the northward of these, but these are not nearly so remarkable..."

The bright green in the photo is not native bushland but pine forest contrasting with the muted tones of the eucalypts in the foreground. The Environment Protection Agency summarises the area thus:

Craggy volcanic peaks tower above pine plantations, eucalypt forests and open fields. Walking tracks ranging from easy to very challenging – lead to peaks and lookouts offering panoramic views.

Glasshouse Mountains

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cara said...

They are my favourite thing about the Sunshine Coast (and so much to choose from, too). The view from around Maleny-way just blows me away.

Julie said...

I have not been closer than any of the many images I have seen.

So, geologically speaking, this area must be pretty old. Wonder when the volcanoes erupted?

J Bar said...

Fantastically vast scenery.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Babooshka said...

That's a cracker. Looks like my island on a good day. Not often then.

Lois said...

That is a beautiful shot and the information you provided about the area very interesting! I like the way the sun and shadows are hitting the countryside in the picture.

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