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Wednesday, 16 September 2009

From Caloundra

Bidding the Glasshouses farewell for a time, this is the most common sort of view, a ghostly outline on a not too distant horizon.

Glasshouse Mountains

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Leif Hagen said...

Looks like a scenic place for a boat ride!

Steffe said...

What Leif Said!

Joan Elizabeth said...

I liked this series a lot and this is how I remember them most ... those shadowing things ... it was always a big thing with us as kids to see who would be first to spot a Glasshouse mountain on the drive to Brisbane.

Amy said...

Beautiful! roll on summer!

Lois said...

They look a little eerie back there! Nice shot.

Annie said...

Great shot!

cara said...

I just love those shapes. Like nothing I have ever seen before. It really was a shock to see them for the first time and each time we drive north, I crane my neck in the car looking out for them.

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