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Saturday, 27 June 2009

Urban Landscape

I think this First Avenue apartment owner should get a certificate, confirming they've had a "really good try" at growing plants on their deck.

Two yuccas do not a forest make, but it's a start.


Sunshine Coast Daily Photo - Australia


Hilda said...

Wonderfully large decks on those apartments! Is the view any good?

Julie said...

Let me guess: waterfront and catching copious salt and southerlies?

bitingmidge said...

Pleasant views, but a street back and well protected from the southerlies.

Mooloolaba beach faces due north (like Noosa) so those harsh salty winds found at every other Aus beach aren't a problem.

It's a no-win situation trying to grow stuff in the air, it's just like creating an artificial desert without any redeeming features horticulturally speaking.

Amy said...

True, it also looks like that modernist approach to veranda gardening.

Lois said...

At least they are trying! Those are nice decks.

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