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Friday, 19 June 2009

Arkaroola Sunrise
A touring holiday Skywatch

As most regular visitors will be aware, we've been away "on the road" for almost six weeks, and have left posting to this blog pretty much on autopilot the whole time.

Of course I'd like to send a big thank you for all those who have visited and left comments in that time, and now that I'm back I'll be trying to get round the blogosphere to see what I've missed!

In the meantime, I've run out of Sunshine Coast Photos, so thought a sunrise shot from Arkaroola in the Flinders Ranges in South Australia would make a perfect skywatch. I hope no one minds this little souvenir of our holiday. The curious may see more at our Postcards Blog.

Of course it's Friday, and we're back so we can once again link to Skywatch Home where you can find links to skyshots from around the world.

Sunshine Coast Daily Photo - Australia


James said...

What a beautiful sunrise. That's enough to make me a morning person.

Pretty Life Online said...

Nice catch for Skywatch!!! Hope you can visit my corner too ...... Happy weekend!

Unknown said...


Jim said...

Beautiful colours.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Louise said...

This is beautiful; I love the colors.

Julie said...

Welcome back to you both. This is lovely, Peter. I am off to your postcards to revive fond memories.

Eric(NL) said...

WOW, this picture is great!!! well done!!, love the colors and compo.

Have a nice SWF.

Greetings from NL

Babzy.B said...

Beautiful sunrise !!

Unknown said...

What a beautiful birth to the new day !!

Great capture..

Amy said...

Lovely! I like sunsets :-)

Helen Sitanggang said...

what a wonderful Creator

MmeBenaut said...

Truly wonderful photo Peter. One has to wait for the exact moment to catch such beautiful colour.
I'd love to go to Arkaroola Rock one day. I have a painting of it over my fireplace which I'm told is a good likeness.

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