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Saturday 29 March 2008

Headland Tropicana

I can only wonder where it started, the fascination for Mediterranean Blues and crisp whites that seem so out of place in our coastline, yet have been so pervasive that they have become almost a vernacular in some places. The canvas awning seems to be designer-speak for "I hope this'll make the building look better", but they rarely do, and they quickly fade and tear.

"Tropicana" on the other hand conjures up deep greens, dark shadows and coco-nut palms in my mind. Perhaps I'm getting too old to understand!

Headland Tropicana
Alexandra Headland

1 comment

The D in D & T said...

i have to agree with you, im not really a fan of the canvas awning? tent?

they are everywhere here and your absolutely right in a very short time they become discolored and rip.

this is a lovely photo though, the colors do work well together! :)

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