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Thursday, 5 February 2009


I noted yesterday that "Some of the Architectural detailing in the University Buildings is restrained, and beautifully resolved in it's sub-tropical environment."

And some of it isn't. While critically acclaimed, I cannot for the life of me see any justification for this immensely complicated stucture. Although it appears to be serving a purpose in providing sunshade, it doesn't appear to be oriented in a direction which provides any real benefit.

Begrudgingly, I admit that it looks pretty amazing, it could have been built from pieces salvaged after the war of the worlds.

University of the Sunshine Coast
Sippy Downs
Sunshine Coast Daily Photo - Australia



I can see one justification; you got som very special pictures of the sky! Nice shots!

Anonymous said...

Cool skywatch photo. Happy swf and weekend :)

Unknown said...

Great composition!

Annie said...

yes, we found it a very strange building indeed.

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