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Wednesday 25 February 2009

Red Reeds
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The red "planting" works nicely with the copper and blues of the art gallery, to say nothing of the matching sky.

University of the Sunshine Coast
Sippy Downs

Sunshine Coast Daily Photo - Australia


Annie said...

For some unknown reason, whenever I see these , it reminds me of something similar I have seen...somewhere! Where? From New York State to Melbourne...to an image in a book? When I remember I will let you know!

They are quite striking aren't they?

Jilly said...

These red reeds are amazing. They almost don't look real. And how well they follow on from the red-hatted gnome!

bitingmidge said...

Ahh Jilly, sorry if I have misled you, they are actually steel!

Cheers! (insert embarrassed smiley here!)

Bergson said...

good opposition of colors
i like

Jane Hards Photography said...

But then you say it leaves me nothing to say beacuse of course you rae so right.

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