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Monday, 27 October 2008

To The Beach!

It's a bit cool, so you wear a jacket, and put rubber thongs (flip-flops) on your feet to stay warm.

Many people (mostly kids) carry surfboards on bicycles using racks like this, the board isn't blue, it's just got a neat cover to protect it from damage and UV rays when it's not being used.



Kris McCracken said...

The weight really must throw out the balance of teh bike. I hope he hasn't got far to go!

MmeBenaut said...

I've never seen those bicycle racks but then again, not much surfing gets done in these here hills :)

Jilly said...

Love the shot - the movement,knowing what he'll be doing and of course the bridge and water. There's a whole story here. I remember when I drove from Tasmania to Cairns I saw a lot of surfing (even tried it - without a board tho - myself and loved it) on the Sunshine coast. Think it's called body surfing. I suppose it's just swimming really and messing about on waves! I miss all the beauty of your eastern coast of Oz.

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