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Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Temporary Vandalism

At least the graffiti has some wit, as the "artist" tries to emulate the sales office photographs. As a secondary consideration, this one will be easy enough to get off too.



melanie said...

Ce graffiti a un petit côté sympathique. Et, de plus, il ne dégrade rien car il est facile à effacer. Alors pourquoi pas ?

bitingmidge said...

Pardonnez ma traduction de BableFish. J'ai pensé que c'était tout à fait plein d'humour, mais I' ; m heureux I' ; m pas le décapant de fenêtre !

Pardon my BableFish translation. I thought it was quite humorous, but I'm glad I'm not the window cleaner!

Wayne said...

If all graffiti was as cute, colourful and harmless as this I could live with it. Sadly, most of it isn't.

MmeBenaut said...

Peter, it's been fantastic catching up with all of your photos taken and posted while we've been away. I swear your photography has improved out of sight (now there's an old expression; showing my age!).

The Sunshine Coast is one of my favourite places and as you know, my mother, brother & family all live there and a very close friend lived there for about 25 years too. I been for about 10 trips up to the SC and I swear that your photos document the development as well as the beauty of the region like no other. Well done Peter!

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