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Thursday, 23 October 2008

Sunshine Castle

If you lived somewhere in Europe the site of a fortified castle or chateau may not be an unusual one, but if you remember that we live in a country that wasn't really settled until close enough to the 19 th century and that we live a fair distance from the possibility of Norman invaders, it all becomes a bit of a puzzle.

This castle has been built over a few decades using concrete blocks and houses a collection of dolls (apparently). It has always been known as the Bli Bli castle after the suburb in which it resides, but I notice that the gates now proclaim it to be Sunshine Castle!

Bli Bli


Anonymous said...

did you know they also do children's parties there now ?
and the annual medieval festival because they apparently have a large exhibit of armoury ?(or however you spell that)

Gerald (SK14) said...

a castle for dolls - sounds strange - I was going to ask if that was a dinosaur up there but after reading Zett's comment am thinking it is maybe Godzilla!

MmeBenaut said...

I didn't ever understand the castle. Perhaps I need to go there to do that.

Unknown said...

Bli Bli Castle is cool! I only ever went once, and yes, dolls, but there was armour and the like too.
Not to mention, it's just cool to be in a castle!
Living in the UK now so I've seen a few more castles, but I still like Bli Bli!

freefalling said...

Caught my first fish in Bli Bli.
Didn't like it very much (fishing that is, not the actual fish).
Hated how they lay gasping on the ground suffocating.

And I visited Bli Bli castle in the 70's. It was really cool for a kid.

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