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Tuesday 14 October 2008


I've had a run of building photos of late, ah what the heck, it's a city blog after all! Peninsular is a serviced apartment building on the beachfront, providing holiday accommodation. Here's a shot of the back wall!

I've never really thought about the spelling other than shuddering at what I thought was an accidental "r" on the end, but it turns out that peninsular is the adjectival form of the word peninsula. I have no idea how to use it in a sentence, as I would normally simply say "like a peninsula" if I were to describe a peninsula like object.

Then I found what I think may be the inspiration: the name apparently refers to the Iberian Peninsula, lending yet another note of a distant exotic horizon to our beachfront!




Wayne said...

I'm just happy to see the palm trees and blue sky.

It will take a bit more convincing for me to go along with the name though. I understand it's an adjective. Perhaps they were worried about being sued by the 5 star hotel chain.

Unknown said...

Well, I'm living at the Iberia Peninsula so maybe I can help... :-)
Peninsular is the word we can use when refering to something or someone typical of a peninsula, such as 'That man has a very peninsular look' or 'That house has a very peninsular style'. Anyway that is a word we never use and I think it really doesn't apply to Iberia (Portugal and Spain) because diversity through regions is big, there is not one single look or style, maybe when refering to small peninsulas with strong characteristics but, to be honest, don't know where.

Ken said...

I just went to their web site and it looks like quite the place.

Anonymous said...

Look how blue that sky is! I am SO jealous!

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