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Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Frangipani Flowers

I just don't get Frangipanis. It's definitely not Spring, and this tree is definitely starting to drop its leaves as it should with winter just round the corner, but it figured it would give us a big Autumn show of flowers anyway.

Maybe it just likes me!

At the home of the bitingmidge


Meg said...

I saw roses and camellias blooming next to each other in the public gardens. It make me look twice. Strange. I wouldn't be surprised if my cherry flowers again in the autumn.

Anonymous said...

i guess orchids have a different flowering system.

Silverdale flowers

Anonymous said...

It's so beautiful!!!

Joan Elizabeth said...

More flowers! But with an architectual eye. I like it a lot.

No frangipanis down here ... it was snowing in Katoomba yesterday ... brrrrr

bitingmidge said...

Thanks all, I really must get back to some blokey stuff soon!



Dan said...

Wow, this is really a spectacular flower. Great pic.

MmeBenaut said...

Just one of the wonderful things I love about the Sunshine Coast. My mother (75) is looking for a granny flat somewhere - any clues? So far, most the housing - flats are so expensive.

Danika said...

They're so pretty!!!!!

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