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Friday, 4 April 2008

Boards in Bed

Where surf craft sleep.

Now, write out 100 times: "I must take my tripod with me when I shoot in low light."

The Surf Club
Alexandra Headland


freefalling said...

tripod schmipod!
eh - who needs 'em!
Just something else you have to carry.
Love the beautiful bright colours of the boards.

Ben Nakagawa said...

or mono pod or even that $1 image stabilizer that I posted a link in forum.

Very colourful situation, nice! and thanks for comment on sketchbook site that is my other one from apart from Nelson Daily Photo.

Meg said...

Tripod or not, looks pretty good to me.

Benjamin Madison said...

I'm enjoying your photos. I've been meaning to write and inform you that there is another "Sunshine Coast" up this way. See http://www.sunshinecoast.ca/
However, I think yours probably has more claim to the name - our sunshine coast is in an area more noted for its rain (or "liquid sunshine" as we gaily call it).

bitingmidge said...

Thanks all, I believe there's another Sunshine Coast in Vancouver as well. It's not a terribly original name, but then it's what I was given to work with!

There is plenty of blue sky I must admit.

Ben, I had my monopod in the car, but I am the world's laziest being, and "tripod" is a letter shorter if I have to write it out 100 times!

Anonymous said...

They look so sleek. Beautiful.

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