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Friday 1 March 2019


I'm back after a lengthy break from social media if not social life, and while I've been busy elsewhere the jungle that is our back yard began to encroach where it shouldn't.

We've had plenty of heat, and despite the monster winds and seas and threats of storms, precious little rain, yet the green engulfs us!

This month's City Daily Photo Theme Day subject is "Green", co-incidentally.  If next month's is "lots of gardening" I should be right for that as well.

To check out lots of other interpretations of the theme don't forget to visit the theme day gallery at:


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Jim said...

Great for theme day.

William Kendall said...

Things look quite lush.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Ha ha my mountain garden always looks like that (except in winter when it is all sticks).

Unknown said...

You two have always done gardens well ...

I love and miss you both ..... Al Boon

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