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Wednesday, 6 September 2017

August 2008 - Ettamoggah

Whatever we thought of it, it's gone now, after a licensing dispute of the kind where one refuses to pay the other, the other has forced all distinguishing features to be removed.   At the time of writing the building, modifications still unfinished was not looking like a finalist in this year's architectural awards.   Where there is life, there is hope....

Ken Maynard was a cartoonist who captured the Australian way of life with exquisite characatures, and a cartoon strip based around the goings on in the Pub in outback Andamooka in South Australia.

Being somewhat off the beaten track, most people would never get to see the place so he took a good deal of liberty with the structure, and included a model T on the roof among other features. Perhaps even more unfortunately, someone took it on themselves to share the cartoon with us in real life, and so a series of Ettamogah Pubs have been created around the land.

This is ours.

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