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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

How did the chicken cross the road? 2 of 4

Having successfully negotiated yesterday's monster path, and thus far three lanes of traffic (although two of those were so innocuous as to be non-existent, the level of difficulty as in all good games, increases.

Now with just one lane to cross, the pathway narrows to the width of a single shopping trolley, the road here is busy, there is no room for two of anything to pass between the kerbs.

If it does, notice the logical end to it all on the other side.   Perhaps trying to enter on foot by the driveway is not a good idea, cars are leaving the road at seventy kilometres per hour at that point!


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William Kendall said...

It certainly sounds like quite the obstacle course.

Annie said...

yes, very strange, I'd stay away from that exit too!

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