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Friday, 1 August 2014

Take Away Store

Colloquially, newsagents are referred to as "paper shops", because they sell newspapers.

 I wander past very early in the morning.  I pass the mat proclaiming "Welcome" and the message that implores me to "Win Big, right above the poster that reads "Woman Crushed by Car, Man Drowns", and wait for the nice lady to tell me to have a nice day.

Do I really want to take this sort of news away?

Dicky Beach
© Sunshine Coast Daily Photo - Australia
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Merisi said...

Ordinary lives .... er .... what did I just say? ;-)

Someone somewhere will know who they are, those devourers of bad news who are willing to pay for their unhappy meals.

RedPat said...

Nicer to take some good news away!

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