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Wednesday 1 May 2013

The Creative Artisan

In earlier times, wealthy people were often stark raving mad as the result of contracting certain social diseases or perhaps from simple inbreeding, but they added colour to the life of the world and to our history books if not to those of lesser status.

I doubt that either or those two conditions apply in this case, but there's no doubt that the colour is there  and there some value finding it's way down to the minions.   Deep down I truly hope that Clive Palmer is absolutely the stark raving sanest person on the planet.

Whatever the case he is an absolute artist when it comes to the production of the waste product said to emanate from cow's masculine counterparts.

He is terrifyingly larger than life and close to wealthy enough to buy a small planet.  On the Sunshine Coast he's slowly peppering one of his golf courses with moving dinosaurs while in another corner of the globe supervising the construction of a full sized replica of the Titanic.  In the past week he has announced that he is forming a new political party so that he can have a tilt at becoming Prime Minister.

One doesn't get more creative than that, but then he has made announcements like that before.  

I may even have to travel home to vote in the next election!

This post is an abstract interpretation of today's CityDailyPhoto theme : the creative artisan - to view a range of other interpretations please visit this link.

(Photograph of a photograph hanging in the foyer of the Palmer Coolum resort, taken at the project launch of the Titanic II - published without permission.   If this is deemed an infringement of the original photographer's copyright I will happily remove it on request.)

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Tanya Breese said...

interesting, i'd like to see the dinosaur golf course and the titanic!

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Haha! As far as I'm concerned 'quirky' wins every time Peter. Hope his Titanic stays afloat longer than the original :)

Red Nomad OZ said...

I hope it's not a 'tribute' Titanic - destined to meet the same fate as the original!!! It's hard to get one's head around the thought of a mega-rich PM with a fine line in tasteless, but an aura of unforgettable charisma - that would surely be breaking new ground!!

Loved your take on the theme!!

Buck said...

A very different take on the theme, but that's the point, isn't it? To stretch the imagination. I knew about Titanic II but never read up on the man behind the idea. She'll be China's first big ocean liner; another, er, crazy idea.

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