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Friday 1 March 2013

Cafe Chairs

We've had just on 1.2 metres (four feet) of rain since the 23rd of January, and today, while dry in spots didn't bring the sort of evening that was conducive to walking down to the fish and chip shop for a fix of deep fried unrecognisable.

But empty chairs are easy to photograph I suppose, if a little boring to converse with.

Today's City Daily Photo bloggers' theme is "Cafe Chairs" - thanks to Julie's seemingly endless energy and enthusiasm, to see many more photos on this theme, please click here.
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Kate said...

Those chairs definitely need some visitors!

Jo said...

You need to change sunshine coast too soggy coast..
Happy Theme day to you and hope the sun comes out ASAP!!

raf said...

Colorful capture with nice balance for the theme today!

Annie said...

Soggy Coast indeed. Glad you have been keeping track of it. Amazing!
It just never wants to stop, here or there. We saw the sun for a couple of minutes either yesterday or the day before. I've forgotten already!
I think my brain is going mouldy!

Jack said...

These chairs don't seem to be lined up for a friendly conversation. A sad interpretation for the cafe chair theme.

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