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Saturday 12 February 2011

That's my boat!

Actually it's someone else's boat, or what's left of it..... sadly there have been more than a few boats completely destroyed by floods and cyclones in the last month or so.

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-K- said...

That's very sad indeed. It really brings all the troubles I've been reading about into sharp reality.

Annie said...

gosh, that's bad luck.

I thought for a moment you were going to say it was the one in France!

Meg said...

For real?

bitingmidge said...

No Meg, sorry for the confusion, it is a bit of boat, but ours is still in the snow in France (we hope!). There are dozens of boats and hundreds of marina pontoons still in various stages of destruction scattered around Moreton Bay, mostly they have been discovered well before they get this far north.

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