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Thursday 13 January 2011

Watching for News

The signs all say "no vacancy" yet there is not a sign of life.  Everyone is inside glued to the Television watching the floods creeping up seventy kilometres to the south.

We're thinking of you Brisbane, (and not forgetting the other towns in Queensland, which have already been underwater for a week or more).  

Anyone wishing to contribute to the flood relief fund may do so via the Queensland Government's Website.

Apartments at King's Beach

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Annie said...

many thanks bitingmidge
many stories
much heartbreak
much encouragement and hope
and prayers indeed for all involved

Mark said...

Your picture made a great analogy. It was a very quiet day in Grafton as well even though we had just had one of the largest floods of all time 12 hours before, many were watching TV of Brisbane floods.
It has been a terrible few weeks for so many communities.

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